Raumkunst – Made in Darmstadt 1904–14 at the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt

01/06/2021 > 28/11/2021

Installationsansicht „Raumkunst – Made in Darmstadt 1904–14“, Museum Künstlerkolonie, Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, 2021, Foto: Gregor Schuster

The exhibition presents the innovative work of the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony between 1904 and 1914. Following on the first part of the exhibition “RAUMKUNST – Made in Darmstadt 1901”, the second part also refers to the idea of the artists’ colony members to achieve an interpenetration of art and everyday life with each individual project design. Individual objects were not only to be aesthetically designed, but were also to merge together – as part of completely designed spatial arrangements – to form a total work of art.

The new exhibition focuses on the development of a new aesthetic model that combined functionality, simplicity and mass-produced goods with new distribution channels. Above all, Joseph Maria Olbrich and Peter Behrens set new standards not only with their future-oriented architecture but also with their modern interior design, which was further developed in the Werkbund they founded and later by the Bauhaus. On display are over 150 pieces of furniture, ceramics, books, textiles, sculptures, models, paintings, prints and drawings by Joseph Maria Olbrich, Peter Behrens, Albin Müller, Emanuel Josef Margold and others, which illustrate the importance of Mathildenhöhe, for example, for the development of design and architectural history.

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