The Wonderful World of Zsolnay Porcelain at the Riga Art Nouveau Centre

17/10/2020 > 18/04/2021

©Riga Art Nouveau Centre

The exhibition “The Wonderful World of Zsolnay Porcelain” presents outstanding works of Hungarian applied art. Decorative tableware and figurines, inspired by the company’s historical Art Nouveau line, can be seen both in the exhibition windows of the Riga Art Nouveau Cente” and in the interior of the living room and dining room. With a set from the “Phoenix” series, a dining room dining table setting has been specially created.

For Zsolnay, the porcelain factory is important not only in the history of applied art in Hungary, but throughout Europe. Žlina’s unique products show features of many art styles from Ancient Egypt to modernist trends. Objects created during the Art Nouveau period have gained special recognition.

Žolnai history of porcelain manufactory with simple production of everyday items in the 19th century started in the middle of the 20th century by master Ignác Zsolnay. At the beginning, as the owners changed, the company experienced fast growth. This was facilitated by research and new technological solutions (glaze eosin allowed to create dishes in iridescent shades). The involvement of prominent Hungarian artists, such as the painter József Rippl-Rónai, in the creation of dish shapes is also important for Žolna’s recognition. Dishes made according to the forms created by Ripla-Rona can also be seen in the exhibition.

The exhibition was created within the framework of “Hungary Day 2020” in cooperation with the Hungarian Embassy in Latvia.

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