Vase in Art Nouveau at the Riga Art Nouveau Center

17/06/2020 > 27/09/2020

©Riga Art Nouveau Center

The museum “Riga Art Nouveau Center”, continuing the tradition of presenting its collection, this summer offers to see the collection of vases of the early 20th century. More than 180 glass, porcelain, earthenware, clay and metal vases testify to the variety and splendor of applied art. The vase occupied an important place in the Art Nouveau interior and the art of arranging flowers.

“During the 11 years of the museum’s collection, a significant collection of vases has been created – these are excellent works of art, which were intended as interior decor, everyday vases for flowers, and small plastic products, which were used in various anniversaries,” says the museum’s “Riga Art Nouveau Center ”director Agrita Tipāne. Excellent examples of Art Nouveau design are glass vases (single flower vases) of all colors – malachite, purple, cobalt and others – that were once popular at the Jakob Beck glass factory in Riga.

Widely represented collection of porcelain, faience and ceramics, where the shape of the vase is complemented by exquisite decals or paintings. Motifs of irises, water lilies, intertwined leaves and stems, embossed flowers, leaves and mythical figures make each vase a unique interior element.

The exhibition is complemented by several pottery – decorative pots for flower pots, which were very popular during the Art Nouveau period.

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