Armand Rassenfosse (1862 – 1934) A so special drawing at the Artistic Heritage Association in Brussels

03/09/2020 > 24/10/2020

Modesty is a delicious mystery: it draws the contours of intimacy, but also confers its charm on voluptuousness. It is the condition of the beauty of nudity, because it reveals the soul at the same time as the body, and it is she who ignites loving tenderness.

It is at the heart of Rassenfosse’s work, which explored all its facets, nuances and limits, with extraordinary consistency and continuity. This attitude makes him an artist out of time, entirely given over to a carnal passion, very controlled, subtle, showing himself to be full of restraint, as if to make it last, without wanting to exhaust it by the slightest excess.

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Poster of the exhibition “Armand Rassenfosse, 1862-1934, Un dessin si particulier” ©Association du Patrimoine artistique