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The Réseau Art Nouveau Network asbl, why?
In 1999, following an idea mooted by the Brussels Region Department of Historic Sites and Monuments, a large group of institutions from various European cities with a rich Art Nouveau heritage – from Helsinki to Barcelona, and from Glasgow to Ljubljana – decided to come together to form an initial European co-operation network.
Organised in non-profit-making association under Belgian law since 2007, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network asbl aims “to establish active co-operation and an exchange of experiences among the many European participants actively involved in the study, protection and extensive promotion and dissemination of the European and international “Art Nouveau” heritage. It also aims to stimulate the interest of the public and authorities responsible for preservation with regard to this heritage, certain aspects of which remain unrecognized or at risk.” (Article 5, paragraph 1 of its statutes).
Research, conservation, and proper exposure are the key objectives of the ambitious programme which the Réseau Art Nouveau Network has set itself for the coming years. Enterprise and commitment are the Network’s chief hallmarks; as well as championing a rigorously scientific approach, it aims to keep professionals informed and to make the general public aware of the cultural significance and European dimension of this heritage on our very own doorstep.

… A common initiative which, besides the co-financing of the European Commission of four successive European projects, obtained an international recognition of its 14 years of cooperation by receiving the jury’s special mention of the Europa Nostra awards 2013 and becoming a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe in 2014!

Who are we?
The association is currently composed of more than twenty cities or regions mainly located in Europe.

It is managed by a Board elected for a three-year period, as stated in the statutes of the association.

How to become member?
The association gathers from its creation institutional members, institutions which represent cities or regions possessing an heritage representative of the Art Nouveau style and significant in the Art Nouveau history. The relation between the association members is essentially based upon a scientific cooperation which enables them to exchange their knowledge and expertise with the Network or with the general public on the occasion of common organised activities (meetings, conferences, colloquiums, study-days for professionals, exhibitions, publications for varied public). 
To this scientific cooperation will be added an administrative and financial cooperation, especially an annual membership of 2.000 Euros.
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In 2013 the General assembly of the Network opened its membership to support members, or individual members. Thanks to a 50 Euros membership which enables to support the association, these Réseau Art Nouveau Network asbl Friends enjoy new advantages!
Discover the advantages of becoming Réseau Art Nouveau Network Association asbl Friends 
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For more information about the membership to the Réseau Art Nouveau Network asbl, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the association!  
Réseau Art Nouveau Network ASBL www.artnouveau-net.eu
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