This seventh edition was dedicated to the theme the Art Nouveau Staircases. Absolute backbones of the building, these spaces of circulation, sometimes intended to diffuse natural light in the interiors, did not escape the creative impetus of Art Nouveau. From the start of a staircase to the banister, the Art Nouveau patterns and movements spread out in various forms in order to adapt to its users, owners and housekeepers.
The 2019 edition of the World Art Nouveau Day highlighted these spaces, that are sometimes majestic and imposing, sometimes discreet and narrow but always essential.

Quiz from our member cities

A weekly quiz was organised on our Facebook page. The aim was to find out what building the staircase came from, who is the architect and in which RANN’s member city is located the building in question.

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RAnn Members activities

RANN members have organised local activities to celebrate the 2019 World Art Nouveau Day. The whole programme is available here.

Photo & Drawing contest

In 2019, the Résesau Art Nouveau Network celebrated its 20th anniversary. For the occasion, the usual Photo contest was double by a drawing contest for kids. Both contests was dedicated to the Art Nouveau Staircases.
The public was invited to present the most outstanding staircases, according to him/her, of the Art Nouveau movement. The children was invited to draw an Art Nouveau staircase.


Photo contest

Fyodor Schechtel, the Riabouchinski House (now the Maxim Gorky Museum), 1900-1903 ©Radoslav Páleš

The public prize for the photo collecting the highest number of “likes” at the end of the contest was awarded to Radoslav Páleš.

Friedrich Pützer, clocktower building of Darmstadt’s Technical University, 1904 ©Michael Hoffman

The Jury Prize for the picture that best matched the theme according to a jury was awarded to Michael Hoffman.

The mystery prize for the user who guessed the origin of the highest number of photos was awarded to Frank Welele.

All the photographs received are available on Pinterest

Drawing contest

The prize for the drawing collecting the highest number of “likes” at the end of the contest was equally awarded to two children: Lola and Klara


All the drawings received are available on Pinterest