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12/10/2022 > 25/02/2024

Women artists have been creating painting sand sculptures alongside their malecounterparts since the early 20th century.Yet, even though they helped create and shape the Ljubljana art scene in the first half of the century, art history initially ignored them, with only a few exceptions.This was due to a particular set of circumstances, which this exhibition… Read more »

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Animals of Art Nouveau – Brussels
10/06/2021 > 08/09/2021

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network celebrated World Art Nouveau Day 2021 with a photographic exhibition dedicated to the year’s theme: The Animals of Art Nouveau. The exhibition took place in Halles Saint-Géry, Brussels, from 10 June to 8 September 2021.

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The Nature of Art Nouveau – Travelling exhibition
01/01/2013 > 01/01/2015

The goal of the exhibition is to draw visitors into an original discovery of Art Nouveau and its relation with nature, showing the evolution of artistic work from the idea to final products in Art Nouveau style, thanks to a richly documented iconography.

The exhibition gives the general public and Art Nouveau lovers the opportunity to understand the role of nature in art, especially during the Art Nouveau period. Children can enjoy the exhibition as well, thanks to an activity book.
Entrance to the exhibition is free.

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Art Nouveau in Progress – Travelling exhibition
09/05/2003 > 29/11/2007

Travelling exhibition of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network « Art Nouveau in Progress » was totally different from, and complementary to, the great exhibitions which have so commendably celebrated Art Nouveau in recent years

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Undiscovered Portrait of Art Nouveau

Serge Brison has documented the Art Nouveau heritage of nine of the cities involved in the Network, with help from the partners. The aim of the project was to produce an ‘Undiscovered Portrait of Art Nouveau’, illustrating the Network’s commitment to exploring less well-known facets of the movement. The images have also portrayed the current state of Art Nouveau heritage. Brison’s photographic study of European Art Nouveau has produced a series of images that reflect a unique vision of the subject. The exhibition, shown successively across our partner’s cities, presented a selection of 50 photographs selected from 3000 negatives.

Bad Nauheim, Volksbank Mittelhessen: 6 May – 22 May 2008
Bruxelles-Brussel, Goethe Institut: 6 November to 14 December 2007
Provincia di Varese, Villa Recalcati: autumn 2004
Reus, Museu d’Art I Història de Reus: winter 2004
Palma, Fundación “la Caixa”: summer – autumn 2003
Nancy, City Hall: spring 2003
Bruxelles-Brussel, European Commission: autumn 2002
Glasgow, the Lighthouse: summer 2002
Ålesund, Aalesunds Museum: summer – autumn 2001
Bruxelles-Brussel, CIVA: autumn 2000

Illustrated panels

In its first year of existence, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network has been responsible for a series of initiatives aimed both at establishing the scientific foundations of its programme and at increasing public awareness of its activities. Amongst these was a set of illustrated panels displaying the heritage of the partner cities within the Réseau Art Nouveau Network. These helped to make the general public aware of the richness and variety of Art Nouveau in Europe.

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