The Losseau House, the only Art Nouveau gem in Mons.

Located at Rue de Nimy, near the Grand-Place de Mons, La Maison Losseau is an 18th-century building entirely transformed by Léon Losseau “up to date”. The Losseau family acquired it in 1873 during a public sale. Between 1900 and 1914, the house was transformed under the impetus of Léon Losseau acting as prime contractor and under the principal coordination of the architect Paul Saintenoy. The choices of Losseau reflect his taste for the French Art Nouveau, the Ecole de Nancy, represented, especially, by Émile Gallé, Henri Sauvage, Charles Sarrazin and Amalric Walter of the Daum manufacture.
As a demanding sponsor, Léon Losseau knew how to be surrounded by renowned artists and craftsmen. Each Art Nouveau room features a floral theme (fuchsia, orchid, rosehip, wisteria, magnolia or the iconic thistle) and each room is decorated down to the last detail, from parquet floors to ceilings, furniture and ironwork.
Moreover, the house of Léon Losseau presents all the modern comfort that a man like him could hope to possess. Thus, the house is the first building in the city to be connected to electricity. It is also the first to be equipped with a private lift, electric shutters or central steam heating.
The house also contains many Art Nouveau treasures such as light fixtures, plate warmers, vases, furniture, hardware stores, etc. It is endowed with a magnificent Garden imagined by Buyssens, defender of the New picturesque Garden.

Image artist function date
Saintenoy, Paul Architect 1862-1952
Gallé, Émile Master glassmaker, cabinetmaker and ceramist 1846-1904
Walter, Amalric Master glassmaker 1870 – 1959
Sauvage, Louis Architect, decorateur
Sarazin, Charles Architect, decorateur 1873 – 1950
Sauvage, Henri Architect, decorateur 1873 – 1932
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Maison Losseau
Rue de Nimy, 39-41,
7000 Mons
Phone: +32 65398880